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Since I know the bots of Bot a Bet, I steadily get ideas on so far not known football leagues.

Adam G, builder

Bot a Bet gives me the possibility to observe statistically evaluated data on dozens of leagues within minutes instead of interpreting excel sheets no one really understands.

William B, doctor

Don’t tell my wife: I even used your service on my mobile during our last vacation to get more information about the local teams as I wanted to show off with my knowledge in front of the residential guys.

Mick P, barkeeper

Bot a Bet is 100%

100%free of emotion

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Without Bot a Bet there were many leagues I've already made money with I wouldn't have heard about.

Michael D, teacher

A big thanks to the guys that protect me and my hard earned money by giving me the sight on the reality - emotions can bluff

Wilbur G, analyst

The truth is plain and simple - Bot a Bet’s bots are 100% based on facts and don’t get distracted by rumours or media.

Miriam P

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