Bot a Bet’s Roadmap and Changelog

The following sections show you both recent changes and planned or scheduled improvements on Bot a Bet. Be aware that we cannot guarantee to stay on schedule. Are you missing something not listed on the roadmap? - so do not hesitate and tell us via our contact form.


We are planning to publish the most advanced version of our prediction algorithm by end of June. This version will optimize itsself permanently for each single league and particularly for each single team. This algorithm will also predict cup matches in a much more performant way.


We have redesigned our prediction and evaluation pages and added some additional information on recent team performance. In preparation of the next algorithm update we have reduced the number of bots to a single one. Until the major algorithm update this single bot represents an average of our current 5 bots no matter which bot avatar is shown. And yes we keep our lovely bot representing avatars.

Current standings of most major leagues become available for all users. From now on there is no need for you to have a look at other sites just to get this basic information.

We have added some new bookmakers. So you get the best odds out of a wider selection of bookmakers. Users of our paid services can enjoy more calculated expectation values to take into account when it comes to finding a value bet.

We have launched this new section named changelog / roadmap. From now on this is the page to visit to learn about recent changes and upcoming improvements on the site.