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Why shall I use Bot a Bet?

Bot a Bet gives you access to football predictions and additionally points out particularly attractive, lucrative offers or odds from bookmakers.

Can I use Bot a Bet on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can use Bot a Bet on all of your devices. The pages are optimized for mobile usage and you won’t need to change any settings or install anything. Note that you can only be connected to Bot a Bet using one device at the same time.

Can I share my account with my friends?

Why should you do that? As soon someone else uses your activation code, it is no longer usable for you.

Why do I no longer get the newsletter with the login data?

Bot a Bet stops sending emails after several unused activation codes to avoid you from unnecessary disturbance by emails. nEnter email address again.

How can I unsubscribe?

Once you unsubscribed from the newsletter, your email address will be deleted.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

There is an unsubscribe possibility in each email.

I can not find the email with the latest activation code. What can I do?

Register your email address again, and the activation code will be sent to you.

Why am I not able to see any statistics?

Your browser has not saved your current activation code. Use the link from the latest email you received from Bot a Bet. Thus the information (cookies must be allowed) will be saved in your browser. Since this information is only stored within the currently used browser, you have to repeat this procedure for each browser you use. Note: If you activated private browsing, the activation code will be erased after each closing of the browser and must therefore be restored after each opening of the browser again.

Do you give any warranty on match predictions?

Fortunately noone can calculate the future yet. Therefore Bot a Bet can not guarantee the fulfillment of predictions. However, we guarantee the authenticity of the underlying data the predictions base on. These are facts and figures from past matches.

What will Bot a Bet do with my data?

You only have to provide your email address to use Bot a Bet. This email address is solely used for sending the activation email or system Eight layers and will not be passed on third.

How can I use the service of Bot a Bet?

To get access to the current match predictions you need to go to the website of FreeBetChamp (Register / Activate Account). You will receive an email with your current activation code on regular basis. nYou won’t need to create an account or register long-winded at FreeBetChamp. You will receive your current credentials regularly in a personal email. This way, FreeBetChamp can ensure that you will be able to access the latest data and forecasts at any time. There is no need to provide personal information.

How do I know which bot is best for a particular league I want to bet in?

See the details in the tip statistic information.

How do the bots differ?

The individual bots have certain priorities. Be it a particular country, league, scoring prowess, home or away strength or even the evaluation of defensive or offensive nature of some teams that they can weigh up to arrive at a prognosis.

Why are the predictions of some bots in certain leagues better than in others?

Way of playing may vary between leagues (more defensive or offensive). That is why there are bots, that better fit some leagues compared to others and achieve higher hit rates with their results. Bot a Bet is constantly working on improving the bots and incorporates the latest knowledge in the bots. Therefore the bots are getting better and more accurate.

Are the betting predictions objective?

The predictions base solely on facts and statistics.

Why can I not miss the bots of Bot a Bet?

The bots evaluate a number of statistical data in a for humans impossible detectable velocity and provide the anticipated results in a clear statement. Unlike a human, a bot does not include any emotions in his calculations.

How are the predictions generated?

Our predictions are generated by so-called bots (algorithms). They use statistic data of former football matches and calculate the expected result.

What about the odds Bot a Bet shows me?

The best odds of selected reliable bookmakers are shown to you constantly. nYou can find a list of all compared bookmakers here.

How can I change my email address?

Use the change function in the latest newsletter.

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